"Sophisticated, simple, easy. Nestco is here to make your online shopping experience as smooth as you want. Whatever you need, at the click of the mouse."

- Nestco's slogan.

Nestco is a store located inside the Shopping Mall. It has many items you can buy for your nest, along with Bin Pet items and such. The store is ran by Gott, a member of the Rott Family. Nestco is a parody of the British supermarket called Tesco. It is next to Bin Mart.


Nestco has many and cool items in stock. On many special events, there is many more interesting items on stock. Buying an item takes Mulch (also Dosh) and gains you XP. To earn more Mulch, you can harvest your garden, play games, do tests in Lab's Lab, purchase Mulch codes and many more. In order to get Dosh, you can earn codes and gain monthly Dosh coins when you have Membership.