Lab's Lab (also known as Lab's Laboratory) is a place in Bin Weevils. In Lab's Lab, you can do tests and more outside of the lab.


Inside, you can do Test Subjects and Daily Brain Strain. In Test Subjects, you can pick a test you want to do, where you have to answer questions and earn XP and Mulch. With the Daily Brain Strain, it's the same thing, but all the questions in one test, earning much more XP and Mulch, as you can only do this once a day.

Outside featuresEdit

Outside, there is the Mystery Code Machine, where you can insert codes and earn Nest Items, Mulch, XP, Garden Items and Dosh. There is also the Bin Bots Claw Machine, which costs for free at once, but afterwards costs 25 Dosh afterwards. In the Bin Bots Claw Machine, you can get a random Bin Bot to add to your collection. Finally, there is the Bin Bots Maker, where you can mix potions together to get Bin Bots.


Lab's Lab
Lab's Lab 2