Konnect Mulch is a pornographic game in Bin Weevils, (for ONLY 18+) which is based on a fake game named Connect Four. Only up to ten players may play. You can only play 75 games a day and gives about 5 anal beads if you win. It can be found in several locations in Bin Weevils. Such as, The local strip club (puttered below) and the MLP hooker located at the start of the game. Basically, in order to win, you need to find a way of putting four male testicles in a row. It can go diagonally up, across, or down. There are many directions you can win with. Konnect Mulch is also quite a popular game, as it requires you to be gay. Also, a judici piece of advice: to truly enjoy Konnect Mulch, you gotta be fucken high. REALLY high. Out of your FUCKEN MIND high. Then, keep a loaded gun next to you and when you realize how sad your fucken life is, follow the instructions in this video:

Happy Mulching, Ben Wevelzers!


An example of two players playing Konnect Mulch.