Club Fling
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February 2014


Konnect Mulch, Flip Mulch, Pool, Squares

Club Fling is a location in Bin Weevils.

Old VersionsEdit

The oldest Club Fling version had trees around and then a nearby building, which was Bing's Grotto. Image clubfling


Amazingly, in 2011, it had a very massive makeover. There was cannons where you could get XP, including a new room called the Lounge. However, as well as that, the 3D camera was removed, and Bing's Grotto became the Pool Hall.

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The Lounge was only available to Bin Tycoons from now on. Many players were angry with this.


On January 29th, the outside of the disco remained the same. However, the inside of the disco was completely changed and customized. The Lounge became the VIP room, and in-order to celebrate, members got the rare purple disco Super Antennae and a special disco-ball move. Tycoons could still earn XP.

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Lounge/VIP roomEdit

It had a massive makeover too, and the games were still there as usual. However, the lounge does still have seats, but a few things have been removed as it changed to the VIP Room in 2014.

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Old Lounge


  • Club Fling is owned by Fling.