Bin Weevils: Bin Tunes is the first Bin Weevils album, which was released on July 29, 2013 by Sony Music Entertainment.

Bin Tunes


  • The Great Bin Weevils
  • So Much Better With Two
  • Splosh the Dosh
  • Girls Rule!
  • I've Got the Scoop
  • Bin Pets Bop
  • Christmas Every Day
  • Whizz Pop Wallop Fizz
  • The Wicked WEB
  • Let's Go!
  • Slam's Jam
  • The Big Bin Weevil Ball

Bin Tunes CompetitionEdit

There was a competition to write lyrics for several songs to appear on the album, which were "Splosh the Dosh", "I've Got the Scoop", "Girls Rule!" and "Let's Go!". The winners were "pinkie136" (Splosh the Dosh), "ErryBerry" (I've Got the Scoop), "yazhoo100" (Girls Rule!) and "VanillaCoke" (Let's Go!).


On the album, there is a list of finalists, who were: Archy500, Buggzzee, coolguy8626, cream1242, dizzy1234, dracuabbi, ErryBerry, gege8766, hinto9410, Jamus, Jennah123, korlius1416, leggs6713, lilly-rose5969, Pop22, megziemaisie123, Rattray, Perfection-XxX, metalPerson, piggy6265, Pikachu787 (also known as the admin of this wiki), pikacool, pinkie136, polkadot463, pretty sparks, Rosie4456, Sassy600, scrumper, sith ventress, skulletor, squeaky47, Sunnyday2002, VanillaCoke, wombat1999, and yazhoo100.