Bin Weevil


Bin Weevils are the creatures of the Binscape. Bin Weevils is based on real-life creatures named Weevils. The game is set around on these bugs. They're your avatar in the game. When you sign-up, you get your very own Nest, which is technically like a Bin Weevil's house. You will start on Level 1, growing up to new levels and gain lots of XP. They also earn Mulch, which is a virtual currency that Bin Weevils use to buy stuff, along with Dosh. The final level so far is Level 80. You may customize your Bin Weevil, changing it's color and shape with the Bin Weevil Changer, located inside Dosh's Palace . All Bin Weevils come in different shapes and sizes. Available in Hem's Hats are hats, clothing that your creature can wear on their head. They also have Nest Items, objects that they can customize their Nest with. Also, they have their own pets named Bin Pets, little creatures they can play and teach tricks with. On the other hand, they can collect Bin Bots, small microbe collectibles which they can get from Lab's Lab. You can also chat with other Bin Weevils on the Chat Bar on the bottom of the screen. A Bin Weevils' account can get disabled for many reasons, for like swearing or being rude to other Bin Weevils. It can get disabled for an hour, or even forever.

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