Bin Pets Paradise

First added:

December 10th, 2013

Place for

Bin Pets

First announced

November 2013


GymPet, PetStyle, Bin Pet Safari, Bin Pet Temple, Bin Pets Shop

Bin Pets Paradise is a new area in Bin Weevils. It was first announced in November 2013 and was released in December 2013. An amazing new place, it is an exclusive area for Bin Pets and more!

There are a few shops and places on Bin Pets Paradise, including PetStyle (where you can buy clothing for your Bin Pet and change its color), the Bin Pet Shop (where you can adopt a Bin Pet, get a Bin Pet For A Day and buy toys, food and items for your Bin Pet) and GymPet (where you can exercise with your Bin Pet). There are two attractions opening soon called the "Bin Pet Safari" and the "Bin Pet Temple".